What if there was a way to cure hearts, mend families, heal societies, change the world?

What if that secret was in your pocket – the answer to take away pain and touch the world with light.

And what if it was simple like a 1-2-3 formula?

Do you not think the people would gather to find out what it is?

IlmFest 2017 lays it out. The answer is so simple that Muslims the world over have disregarded it as child’s play.

Learn.Believe.Act is this year’s theme. The 1-2-3 formula for Islam showing up in your life – inside and out.

It’s powerful.




Remember discounted tickets are available for a limited time only. Be sure to grab them as soon as possible.

Kids 8 And Under are FREE!
(Allowed in main hall with an Adult)

Ages 9 and Above require a Full Ticket

Lost Tickets CANNOT be replaced

NOVEMBER 5, 2017

The European Institute of Islamic Sciences
79 Manchester Rd,
Oldham OL8 4LN
United Kingdom



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Looking for the most frequently asked questions? See below!

Where is the venue?

EIIS, Werneth House, 79 Manchester Road, OLDHAM, OL8 4LN

Where can I park?

Parking will be available onsite in the designated car parks with 300 parking spaces. It is advisable to come early to get parking here. Alternatively, there is off street parking in the local vicinity.

Where is the nearest bus/tram stop?

Bus services 82/83 from central Manchester operate at the following times and stop near the venue. Further details can be found at:
Please note Sunday timings.

The nearest tram stop from Manchester is ‘South Chadderton’ or ‘Freehold’, Further details can be found at:

What time will it start?

10.00am. Registration will open from 9.00am.

What do I need for registration on the day?

We will require the details of how you registered. Including e-mails used. If you have a paper ticket. Please bring that with you as that is your proof of purchase. Ensure paper ticket is kept safe, if lost cannot be replaced.

Can I purchase a ticket at the door?

Yes, tickets will be available at the door at the ticket price of £25 each. However priority will first be given to people with purchased tickets. It is advisable to purchase your ticket prior to the event and to avoid disappointment as the event is most likely to sell out.

Can I reserve my seat?

Seats cannot be reserved and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Will there be a family seating area?

Yes a family seating area will be available.

Is there anywhere to eat on site?

My Lahore’s will be providing catering to purchase food on site.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

Yes, you can bring your own food and drink.

Should I bring any extra money?

Yes, it is advisable to bring extra money to purchase food/drink and from the various stalls that will be available on site.

Is there a cash machine at the venue?

No, there isn’t a cash machine at the venue.

Will there be prayer facilities?

Yes, prayer facilities are available on the ground floor for both brothers and sisters.

Will the event be televised?

No, the event will not be televised.

Will recording be permitted?

Recording is not permitted.

What if I can't attend the whole day?

You are free to leave if you are unable to attend for the whole day. However, to benefit fully from the speakers it would be advisable to stay for the full day.

Will there be facilities for those with disabilities?

Any wheelchair users can still get access via the lifts at the venue.

Will there be a facility for mothers and babies?

A room is available for mothers to take younger children to pacify them if the need arises.