IlmFest Chicago

July 24 @ Tinley Park Convention Center
10AM – 8PM


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What Is IlmFest?

ILMFEST is our grand yearly festival of knowledge, an unforgettable event as attested to by thousands of you last year!

For those who might be thinking “it’s just another conference”, think again! This is not your normal run-of-the-mill Islamic gathering – rather, IlmFest is a unique blend of those special ingredients that only AlMaghrib can pull off, whether it’s our relevant cutting-edge keynote lectures, or the live performances with a difference, or the engaging chai-chats, or the probing interviews, or the talent show sessions, or the eclectic mix of stalls, and much more! IlmFest truly has something for everyone!

Share the news with everyone you know because they’ll be talking about it for months afterwards, so just make sure you can say that you were there. IlmFest truly is an incredible experience that will leave all of its attendees yearning for more!


From far east to the far west, this years IlmFest. is packed with all star calibre speakers that will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi


Is the Dean of Academic Affairs at AlMaghrib Institute. He is one of the few people who has combined a traditional Eastern Islamic seminary education with a Western academic training of the study of Islam.

Shaykh Omar Suleiman

Shaykh Omar Suleiman


Young evergreen scholar with the big smile. Born and raised in Louisiana, he has a unique way of relating to a western audience through his character, and has gained the love of people of all ages and backgrounds. As an AlMaghrib instructor, he teaches the hugely popular ``Behind the Scenes`` seminar which focuses on the strengthening of the soul and disciplining the nafs.

Shaykh Abdulbary Yahya

Shaykh Abdulbary Yahya


Known as the most laid back, easy-going instructor in the AlMaghrib line-up. He is often used as the example for patience at its best, and is famous for his personal funny experiences that he uses wittingly to teach and help you remember an Islamic concept.

Shaykh Saad Tasleem

Shaykh Saad Tasleem


Shaykh Saad studied Art History, Modern Art, Graphic Design, and Psychology at the University of Maryland. He started his Islamic education at IIASA in Fairfax, VA. He then went on to study in the Islamic University of Madinah where he dedicated himself to the study of Islamic Sciences. He graduated with a Bachelor’s from the Faculty of Shariah, University of Madinah.

Shaykh Kamal El Mekki

Shaykh Kamal El Mekki


dubbed the Black Belt of Dawah. With decades of experience in the Dawah scene, Shaykh Kamal combines his ground-breaking teaching style with his own dash of humour, certain to leave students feel at ease & entertained, but above all skilled and empowered.

Ustadh Wisam Sharieff

Ustadh Wisam Sharieff


Ustadh Wisam Sharieff is the founder of Advocating Qur’anic Literacy (AQL), an institute focused on educating communities on how to read, memorize, and understand the Qur’an. He has taught over 15,000 students worldwide through traveling seminars, long-term study, and online instruction.

Ustadh Majed Mahmoud

Ustadh Majed Mahmoud


Majed went on to obtain a Masters in Business Administration from Wayne State University. During this period, he finished his memorization of the Quran. In his pursuit for Islamic studies, he has taken over 60 courses with AlMaghrib, Bayyinah and other institutions, including topics in theology, Islamic jurisprudence, and Quranic sciences.

Boonaa Mohammed

Boonaa Mohammed


Dubbed the “voice of a generation,” Boonaa Mohammed is a critically acclaimed award winning writer and performer with accolades including a playwright residency at Theatre Passe Muraille, a short story published in a Penguin Canada anthology called “Piece by Piece”.

Tickets & Registration

At Door

$ 45

Per PersonRegular Price
Limited Availability


Regular PriceMost Popular

$ 35

Per PersonRegular Price



$ 30

Per PersonBased on Availability
Minimum Family of 5


Kids 8 And Under are FREE!
(Allowed in main hall with an Adult)

Ages 9+ require a Full Ticket

Lost Tickets CANNOT be replaced

JULY 24, 2016

Tinley Park Convention Center
18451 Convention Center Dr,
Tinley Park, IL 60477
United States

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Where is the venue?

Tinley Park Convention Center – 18451 Convention Center Dr, Tinley Park, IL 60477

Where can I park?

Parking will be available for FREE at the Tinley Park Convention Center

What’s the nearest train station?

The Tinley Park Convention Center is located about 2 miles from both the Tinley Park Metra Station and the Tinley Park-80 th Metra Station. Both stops are serviced by the Rock Island District line and trains run every two hours from downtown Chicago. For more information, visit Attendees can Uber from the station to the venue or contact Alysha Khan at to request a pick-up.

What time will it start?

The conference will begin at 10 am sharp, please arrive by 9am to allow enough time for registration and seating.

What do I need for registration on the day?

For tickets purchased online, please bring ID to correspond with the booking.

All Eventbrite ticket holders must have their ticket available for registration.

If you have purchased an IlmFest paper ticket, you must bring it with you to register.

Once you have registered, you will be given a wristband to wear – please keep this on for the entire day as this will allow you to re-enter whenever you leave the venue during breaks, etc.

If you lose your wristband, a replacement must be purchased in order to re-enter the auditorium.

What time will it end?

The conference is scheduled to finish at around 8:00pm (maghrib time).

Can I purchase a ticket at the door?

Tickets may be purchased at the door depending on availability and will be at the full price of $45. We recommend booking as soon as possible to avoid disappointment and receive the $10 early bird discount.

Can I reserve my seat?

Most seats are on a first-come- first-served basis, so we recommend arriving early to choose where you want to sit.

There will be a small section of reserved seating for the speakers and VIP guests.

Will there be a family seating area?

Yes, there will be a family section. Please ask one of the volunteers when entering the auditorium.

Children of all ages are permitted in the main auditorium.

Children 8 and under must be accompanied by a parent and seated in one of the family sections.

Please ask one of the volunteers when entering the auditorium

Is there anywhere to eat on site?

The venue will be providing hot and cold halal meals and drinks during lunch and at other times during the day. 

Can I bring my own food and drink?

Arrangements are still being made so check back soon for more information!

Should I bring any extra money?

We would recommend bringing some spending money in order to partake in the Islamic market stalls, petting zoo, NBA 2K tourney, face painting and henna artists that will be on offer throughout the day.


Is there a cash machine at the venue?

Yes, there is an ATM located in the Holiday Inn.

Will there be prayer facilities?

Yes there will be an area for congregational prayer.

Will recording be permitted?

It is against AlMaghrib’s policy for attendees to record any of our seminars or conferences. However we may upload official recordings at a later date.

What if I can't attend the whole day?

In order to enjoy the best experience, we encourage everyone to attend the entire programme of beneficial knowledge, featuring engaging speakers who will provide you with the perfect post-Ramadan pick-me-up. However, there is no issue with attending for only part of the day, but please note that your ticket is non-transferable and non-refundable

Will there be facilities for those with disabilities?

MUHSEN will be offering ASL (American Sign Language) Interpreters for the event as well as Special Needs Childcare. Register for these services when purchasing a ticket.

Any other questions?

If you have any more questions, please contact Taha Ahsan at or Alysha Khan at

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In The Eye of the Storm

Sh Yasir Qadhi

Allah described Maryam’s upbringing (nabaatan hasanaa) as one would describe the growth of plants and flora. Such is the nature of raising our children: it takes care, patience and nurture. The Quran contains parental lessons like that of Luqman, Maryam, Ibrahim, Ya’qub and the mother of Musa. In it we find various supplications and teachings to connect our children to Allah.

In this session, learn how to plant in your children’s hearts the love for Allah and the longing for Jannah.

Gazing Upon Creation

Sh Omar Suleiman

Allah says, “Do they not look into the realm of the heavens and the earth and everything that Allah has created…” Time and time again, we are challenged to gaze upon Allah’s creation so that we may be receptive of His signs. Marvel at birds in flight, the order of ants and bees, the inexplicable production of silk and honey. Take heed in the revival of life in the spring and the perfection of planetary orbits.

In this session, be captivated by the magnificent Power of Allah and His creation.

The Happy Muslim

Sh Saad Tasleem

Piety is often equated with perpetual seriousness. Yet, it’s been reported that nobody smiled more than the Prophet (sal Allahu alayhi wassalam) himself. The Quran teaches about the happiness of the believer in the Dunya and the importance of rejoicing in all our blessings. At the same time, Allah warns us about those who rejoiced with arrogance and those who failed to recognize their blessings as tests from Allah.

In this session, seek joy in the gifts of Allah and develop the habit of thankfulness.

Diving for Pearls

Surprise Instructor

The more you spend with Quran, the more it will give you of itself. Contemplating upon the verses of Quran is an essential aspect of our growth. As Allah said, “Do they not reflect upon the Quran, or are there locks upon [their] hearts?”

In this session, learn how the Prophet (sal Allahu alayhi wassalam) and companions engaged with the Quran. Strengthen your skill of tadabbur (contemplation) and uncover its physical, spiritual and mental manifestations.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Pious

Sh Kamal El Mekki

The Prophet (sal Allahu alayhi wassalam) said, “Every nation has a fitnah, and the fitnah of my nation is wealth.” Warnings about the fitnah of money led many of us to believe attaining riches is antithetical to piety.

In this session, uncover the true Quranic outlook on wealth, the role it plays in Islam and how to use wealth to draw nearer to Allah.

Turn Back the Hands of Time

Sh Abdulbary Yahya

Allah (swt) brings our attention to concepts of “time” more than 360 times in the Quran. He (swt) even swears by time in 3 places: Surat Al-Duha, Surat Al-Fajr and Surat Al-Asr. The Quran teaches us historical timelines, duration of punishments and rewards, and even a rubric for the measurement of time with Allah.

In this session, learn the wisdom and explore the wonders of time both in this world and in the Akhirah.

Quran Beyond Ramadan

Ust. Wisam Sharieff

It amazes us what we can do in Ramadan. Each year we feel like this is it; this is the year we carry our new habits beyond Ramadan. Yet every year, we fumble. What is the key ingredient we are missing?

How do we maintain our new-found relationship with the Book of Allah throughout the year?

In this session, revive the same vigour for Quran you developed in Ramadan and develop your no-nonsense action plan moving forward.

Sense and Sensibility

Ust. Majed Mahmoud

Marriage completes half your deen because it’s no walk in the park. Marriage is one of the greatest exercises of taqwa as you build a life-long partnership with another person. The Quran speaks of the position and objectives of marriage in Islam and how to treat our spouses especially in times of tension.

In this session, discover the special bond between husband and wife and the rewards for raising pious families.

Rekindling Hope

Asmaa Hussein

We will all be tested. It’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when. In the face of the tragic, painful, or destructive events that are bound to touch our lives, we can react in one of two ways. We can use the tragedy to seek nearness to our Lord, fostering patience and lighting the fire of hope; or we can collapse, throw our hands up in the air and say I give up.

In this session, hear Asmaa Hussein recount her story of losing her husband to the massacres of post-coup Egypt, and learn how to rekindle your hope in Allah after facing painful trials.